Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use CloudPBX?

CloudPBX is designed for businesses with 1 to 500 employees. We have a range of call and system packages, or we can tailor a solution specifically to your needs.

What can it do?

CloudPBX is your company telephone system. It allows you to make and receive calls using a compatible SIP phone or our CloudPBX Mobile application on iOS and Android. It offers enterprise grade features include:


  • Call queueing and Ring groups
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Interactive Voice Menus
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Music on Hold
  • Teleconferencing
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Statistics and Reporting

Do I need special hardware?

CloudPBX works with industry standard SIP telephones and our CloudPBX Mobile Softphone. We recommend handsets from Polycom, Yealink and Bria by Counterpath for customers who need physical handsets or computer based soft-phones.

How does it work?

Real World’s carrier grade telecommunications network connects CloudPBX to the telephone network. You can bring your own telephone number or purchase a new one. When customers call you, we use the Internet to send the calls to your company phones.

Once you receive a call, you can place the call on hold, transfer it, or conference in your colleagues.

Is it secure?

CloudPBX prefers TLS encryption for call signalling with supported handsets. This means that your credentials and details about your telephone calls are encrypted from your phone to our servers. If your handset does not support TLS or is not correctly configured, we will fall back to UDP or TCP SIP.

Real World owns and operates our own carrier grade, industry leading Australia-wide telecommunications network which we use to carry and deliver your calls securely.

Can I bring my own telephone number?

We are fully compliant with the ACMA Number Porting code and support number porting between most major Australian telecommunications carriers, including Telstra, Optus, M2/Commander, Symbio, Primus, AAPT and TransACT.

Can I get a 13, 1300 or 1800 number?

Yes. Real World can supply you with a 1300 or 1800 number or connect you using a telephone number you purchase through the ACMA SmartNumbers Program.

How is it priced?

CloudPBX is priced based on the number of “extensions” that you use in your business. An extension corresponds to a Handset or CloudPBX Mobile that connects to CloudPBX.

How do I access CloudPBX?

CloudPBX is a Telephone Calling Platform. You need a compatible IP Telephone Handset or the CloudPBX Mobile Application to be able to use CloudPBX.

For the best experience, we recommend that CloudPBX users have a supported internet connection or private network service from Real World or one of our ISP Partners. Customers with residential ISP internet services should check with our friendly staff team to ensure they have maximum compatibility.

CloudPBX Mobile has been tested on the Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile networks in Australia. CloudPBX Mobile will make use of your mobile data connection (whether WiFi or Mobile) and so may result in additional mobile data charges.

How reliable is it?

Hundreds of businesses rely on CloudPBX every day for their communications all over Australia. With a supported business grade internet service many of our users tell us that calls sound even better than on the legacy Telstra network.

We publish our system availability and uptime on our status page, which includes external monitoring statistics by Pingdom of the platform.

Is it NBN ready?

CloudPBX is perfect for businesses making the transition to the NBN. Our customers are using CloudPBX across all NBN technologies every day.

Do I need a special modem?

Real World recommends the Juniper SRX Series of Firewalls and Modems for our CloudPBX Services for the best experience.

We’ve also tested support for a range of Ubiquiti, TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, Microtik and Cisco modems. Contact us for more information about the right network solutions for you.

Can I use the same extension number more than once?

While we do not support extension twinning (using the same extension on more than one phone) we offer a range of flexible Find-Me-Follow-Me solutions that allow you to customise the best way for a call to reach you.

What’s the difference between Hosted Voice and CloudPBX?

CloudPBX is the new name for Real World’s Hosted PBX platform.

Can I bring my own handsets?

While our system will work with almost any SIP compliant handset, we recommend Polycom and Yealink handsets for the best user experience.

What handsets do you support?

We support the Polycom VVX Series of handsets, the Yealink T2, T4 and T5 series of handsets, CloudPBX Mobile, and the Counterpath range of Soft Phones (including Bria and X-Lite).

We also support a range of GigaSet Cordless Handsets and Cisco ATAs.

Do I need to buy new telephones?

If you have existing SIP handsets, you may be able to use these with CloudPBX. We support Polycom VVX Series Handsets and Yealink T4 and T5 Handsets.

I'm an ISP/IT Solutions Integrator. Can I resell CloudPBX?

Yes. A number of IT and ISP partners resell CloudPBX either under their own brand or in partnership with Real World. We also offer white-labelled services.

We provide either reseller discounts or a commission scheme.

Can I trial CloudPBX?

Real World, or one of our reseller partners, can organise demonstrations and trials for qualified customers. To find out more, contact us.

What ISPs do you support?

CloudPBX works best with a Real World Group internet connection. We have built our network from the ground up to carry voice traffic and implement Quality of Service and other features to ensure you get the best voice quality every time.

For CloudPBX services on a Real World internet connection, we provide a 100% call quality satisfaction guarantee. These include:

  • Real World Technology Solutions
  • Real World Networks
  • HyperConnect
  • Oxygen Networks

Real World has conducted extensive testing with the following Internet Service Providers. Please note that ISPs listed here have been tested by Real World, and not necessarily an endorsement of any of their products. 

  • IT Logic
  • Building Connect
  • Daraco Services
  • The Signal Co
  • Signature Connect
  • CloudNyne
  • Portal Technology
  • BlueNet Pty Ltd
  • 3 Crowns Technology
  • Telstra (Business and Corporate services only)
  • Vocus Communications

Call Quality may be impacted by available bandwidth, configuration of Quality of Service or other factors outside of Real World’s control.

Real World has tested CloudPBX Mobile on the following networks:

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodafone
  • amaysim

Please note that the use of CloudPBX Mobile will use your mobile data. Call Quality may also vary depending on mobile coverage and available data speeds. For more information, contact your mobile service provider.